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CILT GH - Tema seaport branch upcoming 3-day training workshop on marine logistics

Posted by Ziad Hamoui on April 4, 2016 at 8:35 AM

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (Ghana) - Tema Seaport branch, in collaboration with the Berthing Meeting Association, would like to invite you to a three-day training programme in Tema, covering topics of maritime administration, the role of warehousing in logitics operations, ship management and Maritime Environment.


Participation fee is an all-inclusive GHC100 per person and seats are limited. For more details kindly contact Mr. Lackson at 0244312077




DATE: 05 April 16 - 07 April 16


TIME: 08:30-14:30 daily


VENUE: GPHA Tower, 2nd Floor, Tema port area


PARTICIPATION FEE: GHC100.00/Person all-inclusive (snacks, certificate etc.)

CPD Workshop on National Single Window Implementation

Posted by Ziad Hamoui on October 5, 2015 at 7:55 PM

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) in Ghana, through its Tema section, organized a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program on National Single Window Implementation in Ghana, on October 1st, 2015.

As of September 1st, 2015, Ghana Revenue Authority migrated its Customs clearance procedure into a new Single Window Platform, re-assuming ownership of former DIC functions and offering the potential for reduction in trade cost and delay in the country.

It was with this background that CILT Ghana, through its Tema Section, have organized its CPD workshop, in order to brief the participants on the experiences from the first month of operation of the new Single Window, from the perspective of some of the major stakeholders of the industry.


It was chaired by the immediate past president of CILT Ghana, Mr. Cletus Kuzagbe and featured presentations from the Ghana Revenue Authority, Ghana Shippers Authority and the Ghana Institute of Freight-Forwarders.

In his presentation, the Executive Secretary of GIFF, Capt. William Amenhya, asserted that, while it is still too early to assess implementation of Single Window in Ghana, only a month into the exercise, the concept is a good one and can deliver significant results in reducing time and cost of clearance. However, he also pointed out to the importance of effective communication among the various stakeholders in order to ensure the success of the initiative.

In her contribution on behalf of the Ghana Shippers Authority, the Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Mrs. Sylvia Owu, stressed the need for predictability and transparency into the clearance procedure, as well as the importance of reducing the need to be physically present around the harbour premises during the process. Further sensitization of shippers is thus required in order to reduce congestion, which delays processes unnecessarily.

The Deputy Commissioner of Customs in charge of Operations, Mr. Frederick Gavor, briefed the audience into the background of the migration towards a new Single Window Scheme in Ghana; Customs controls, he asserted, have failed to prevent the revenue leakage through various means, while volumes kept increasing and staffing levels were unable to match the required productivity demand. Hence, he concluded, the need for automation as a necessary tool to improve productivity.

The onus of declaration, stressed Mr. Gavor, who is also considered the project owner for National Single Window in Ghana, rests on the declarant, who has the option to benefit from expedited procedure in case of truthful declaration and satisfactory documentation, against harsh retribution for dishonesty or delayed procedure for unsatisfactory documentation.

Later on, the participants had the opportunity to engage in an open dialogue around the presentations and the theme, followed by the handout of certificates at the close of the event.

Update 1: Presentations are now available. To view, visit the documents section on the CILT Tema Website at http://www.cilt-tema.org/apps/documents/

CILT Tema holds 1st CPD in 2015

Posted by Ziad Hamoui on May 29, 2015 at 6:10 AM Comments comments (178)

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in Ghana - Tema Branch has organized its first Continuing Personal Development (CPD) program for the year 2015, around the theme of "Best Practices in Scanning Operations in Ghana".

The event, which took place at the GPHA Towers at a stone throw from Tema Port, was attended by professionals of the institute, mostly operating in the port environment and related services. Following welcome remarks and a short plea for membership and sponsorship from the Branch Chairman of CILT Tema, who also doubles as the National Vice-President of CILT Ghana, Mr. Kumi Adjei-Sam, the panel presented the topic from the perspective of Destination Inspection Companies (Gateway Services Ltd. and Nick T-C), Ghana Revenue Authority and Ghana Port Authorities.

The panel shared their expertise and recommendations with the participants and an active Q&A session led to several recommendations, including the removal of unnecessary bureaucracies and entities that are choking the system with delays and procedures. Pictures of the event are available at the following link.

the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport is an international association of logistics and transport professionals, with the aim of "promoting the art and science of logistics and transport". It was established in 1919 and received its royal charter in 1926 in the UK, with over 33,000 members operating in 100 countries. It currently operates in thirty territorial organization and institute branches.

CILT Ghana is based in Accra, with branches in Tema, Takoradi and Kumasi. Membership is open to professionals and eligible individuals with the required experience in the logistics and transport sector. For more details visit our membership section by clicking on this link.

"Sustainable Port Development" in Tema

Posted by Ziad Hamoui on June 21, 2014 at 5:15 AM


The Port Development Partnership (PDP) network, in collaboration with the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Accra and the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority (GPHA), have held a seminar on sustainable port development at Tema, as an initiative for sharing and transferring the expertise and available knowledge of the world-class Dutch ports and logistics with the Ghanaian port industry.

The seminar, which took place Friday, 21 June 2014, at Tema Port, targets management officials that have the opportunity to make their views known and participate in valuable discussions on the topics at hand. The seminar focuses on Port Infrastructure and Port Operations. The event was well-attended by key local and international stakeholders and featured a signing ceremony for the establishment of a Port Training Institute, to be set up in the Port of Tema by GPHA and STC BV, in collaboration with UNESCO-IHE and Deltares, also PDP-members.

One of the core objectives of the PDP, which is made up of seventeen Dutch organizations representing global supply chain expertise, is to contribute to human capital development in Africa. It was to this end that the PDP has launched the Knowledge Transfer Program in September 2013, together with their Ghanaian counterparts, to exchange knowledge and lessons learned in the port sector in the Netherlands and around the world.

Shippers Corner held in Tema

Posted by Ziad Hamoui on June 10, 2014 at 10:50 AM

Tema, 09 June 2014: The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) - Tema Port branch held another of its social events, the "Shippers Corner", at the Royal Nick Hotel last Friday.

The event began at 6:15pm with a brief welcome note from the branch president, Mr. Kumi Adjei-Sam, followed by brief introductions from members present.

Shippers corners were started by CILT - Tema as a venue to mix business and leisure, by allowing networking opportunities between members of the institute and industry professionals, similarly to the early days of the Baltic Exchange and other professional bodies around the world.

The participants were briefed on the current year's program, namely the latest CPD that was held in April and other activities, as well as the branch's upcoming events; namely, the "Logistics Excellence Awards" that is scheduled for October 2014 (details to be announced later).

Participants also had the opportunity to give feedback and suggestions for the way forward towards making CILT a more successful organization on the local and national scenes, leading to a productive and highly interactive session. The meeting was brought to a close at 8:15pm

CILT Tema holds CPD on Workshop

Posted by Ziad Hamoui on April 3, 2014 at 11:10 AM Comments comments (0)

Tema, 03 April 14: The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) in Ghana – Tema Port branch held its first Continuing Professional Development (CPD) workshop of the year, at the GPHA Tower, Tema. The workshop was held under under the theme “Causes and Impact of Demurrage and Rent Payment on the Cost of Doing Business in the Ports”.

The event was chaired by the General Manager of Business Development of Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority (GPHA), Mrs. Alice Torkornu and featured four presentations from representatives of the maritime industry;

- Mr. Emmanuel Arku, Branch Manager – Tema, Ghana Shippers Authority

- Capt. William Amanhyia, Executive Secretary, Ghana Institute of Freight Forwarders

- Mrs. Nana Esi Soderberg, Senior Marketing & Public Relations Officer, Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority

- Mrs. Perpetua Osei-Bonsu, Executive Secretary, Ship Owners and Agents Association of Ghana

Following opening remarks by the event chairman, the various representatives discussed issues affecting demurrage, each from his/her own perspective. Later on, the floor was opened for an engaging Q&A session, while CILT local branch representatives moderated the dialogue within a civilized productive framework.

Several issues were highlighted, including the need of the industry stakeholders to communicate developments and facilitate access to information, the benefits of an increase in the professionalization of the industry players and the need to clarify certain ambiguities concerning the details associated with demurrage calculation. The three hour workshop was wrapped with the issuance of certificates of accomplishment to the workshop attendants, as well as remarks from the chairman and the institute representative, to the overall satisfaction of the audience, marking up another successful event on CILT Tema’s list of accomplishments.

Update 1: presentations are now available online at our documents section, which can be accessed by following this link. It is for registered members only, but registration is free and takes only 2mns!

Launching of "Maritime & Transport Digest" Newspaper

Posted by Ziad Hamoui on July 29, 2013 at 7:15 PM Comments comments (0)

(Tema, 30/07/13): The maritime industry in Ghana chalked off another milestone on Wednesday, 30 July 2013, with the launching of the first national newspaper with main focus on maritime trade and transport, with the participation of the representatives of the national maritime industry from the public and private sectors.

The newspaper, named "Maritime Trade and Transport Digest", will provide the latest news and analysis from Ghana, as well as from the regional and international maritime industry. It will be published as a weekly newspaper in the initial launching phase.

The event was held at the Ambar restaurant in the GPHA Tower, Tema and was chaired by the Chief Executive Officer of Ghana Shippers Authority, Dr. Kofi Mbiah, who personally launched an auction of the first issue in a cordial environment and to an enthusiastic response from the floor.

Later came a detailed presentation by the Chief Executive of the "Maritime Trade and Transport Digest", Mr. Kennedy Morna, followed by remarks from the Director-General of Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority, Mr. Richard Anamoo. Finally, the publication was officially launched by the Dep. Minister of Transport, Mrs. Joyce Mogtari, followed by refreshments.

Sealink holds investment forum in Accra

Posted by Ziad Hamoui on July 21, 2013 at 8:15 PM Comments comments (8)

ACCRA, Ghana, July 22, 2013/African Press Organization (APO)/ – The Sealink Project conceived by the Nigeria Export-Import Bank (NEXIM), the Federation of the West and Central Africa Chambers of Commerce and Industries (FEWACCI) and TRANSIMEX (an integrated logistic services provider based in Cameroun) held its Investment Forum to offer a unique and compelling investment proposition to private sector entities in the fast growing West and Central African region.


In order to ensure successful take-off for the service, these agencies had earlier on in 2012 formed a special purpose vehicle, Sealink Promotional Company Limited to drive the strategy and business model for the successful implementation of the Project.


According to the Managing Director of Nigerian Export-Import Bank, Mr. Roberts U. Orya, the purpose for setting up a regional/transnational maritime shipping company is to link seaports on the West & Central African coast in order to facilitate trade and ensure smooth transportation of cargo and passengers within and between the two regions. This objective is primarily towards realizing the objectives of the founding fathers of ECOWAS for free movement of persons, goods and services within the sub-region.


The current board of directors of Sealink is comprised of representatives of these agencies. The board is assisted by an advisory committee (referred to as the Technical Committee) which is composed of experienced technocrats in the maritime industry across West and Central Africa.


The Sealink project is currently endorsed and supported by various regional bodies that identify with the Project. Notable among these bodies are the ECOWAS, the Maritime Organisation of West and Central Africa (MOWCA), Union of African Shippers’ Council, African Development Bank, ECOWAS Bank for Investment and Development and West African Development Bank (BOAD). The Project has been presented to the governments of member countries as well as their various maritime and ports organisations and authorities of member countries.


Why Invest in the Sealink Project


According to Mr. Orya, the Sealink Project offers a unique and compelling investment proposition in the fast growing West and Central African region for the following reasons:


1. A sector poised for growth: Inter and intra-regional trade in West and Central Africa has been hampered by the poor state of transportation infrastructure. Introducing a direct coastal link between the two regions is expected to have a multiplier effect on rate of economic growth in these regions thus providing adequate returns for investors.


2. National and supranational support: The Sealink Project is a private sector initiative which has gained the full support of various supranational bodies across West and Central Africa including ECOWAS Commission, FEWACCI, and the Maritime Organisation of Central Africa (MOWCA). This is expected to enhance funding and assist the company to navigate the maritime regulatory regime in the region.


3. Diversification opportunity: The investment provides an opportunity to enable investors without prior exposure to the maritime sector or to the West and Central Africa region to diversify their portfolio and would grow with other sectors including oil and gas, agriculture and mining which are currently witnessing exponential growth in West and Central Africa.


4. Large capacity for passengers and cargos: With the push for free and unrestricted movement of goods and services, the Sealink Project is expected to benefit from its capacity to carry large cargo and passengers.


5. Strong economic fundamentals: The Project will enjoy a near monopoly status with its connection of the West and Central African ports. The unique proposition of Sealink ensures that the company is able to charge premium fare owing to its offering of a safe, secure, modern fleet with modern communication equipment that guarantee passenger safety onboard.


Distributed by the African Press Organization on behalf of the Nigerian Export-Import Bank (NEXIM).


Media Contact: Chinedu Moghalu (234-8088-353-804, moghaluc@neximbank.com.ng)


About NEXIM Bank

The Nigerian Export-Import Bank (http://neximbank.com.ng) was established by Act 38 of 1991 as an Export Credit Agency with the broad mandate to promoting the diversification of the Nigerian economy and deepening the external sector, particularly the non-oil through the provision of credit facilities in both local and foreign currencies; risk-bearing facilities through export credit guarantee & export credit insurance; business development and financial advisory services etc.


In pursuit of its mandate of promoting export diversification and deepening the non-oil sector, the Bank’s current strategic initiatives are targeted towards boosting employment creation and foreign exchange earnings in the Manufacturing, Agro-processing, Solid Minerals and Services (Tourism, Transportation and Entertainment) industries.

CILT Tema organizes CPD on customs valuation

Posted by Ziad Hamoui on April 19, 2013 at 11:45 AM Comments comments (3)

The Tema Section of CILT - Ghana organized a Continuing Personal Development (CPD) session on April 18th, titled "FACILITATING THE VALUATION PROCESSES IN CARGO CLEARANCE THROUGH THE PORTS".

The invited panel, which included representatives of Ghana Revenue Authority, Gateway Services Ltd., a destination inspection company in Ghana and Ghana Institute of Freight-Forwarders (GIFF), lectured to a full capacity audience at the old Ghana Shippers Authority conference hall in Tema, about the progress of modernization in the valuation system in Ghana. The panelists discussed the following three sub-topics respectively:




The floor was later open to questions and comments about the various perspectives, before  bringing the session to a close.

CILT Tema AGM 2013

Posted by Ziad Hamoui on March 29, 2013 at 12:00 PM Comments comments (0)

The Tema section of CILT - Ghana held its annual general meeting at the Ambar restaurant on March 28th, 2013.

Meeting started at 6pm and was opened by a prayer, then the branch chairman, Mr. Kumi Adjei-Sam, welcomed members present, then proceeded to brief the participants on last year's events:

- The successful "2011 excellence award" and the branch's plans to follow up with the 2012 edition

- Participation of CILT Tema in CILT African Forum in Uganda (two members of Tema branch were represented, Mr. Kumi Adjei-Sam and Mr. Lackson Legah), with more details to be released soon.

The branch chairman, Mr Kumi Adjei-Sam, noted that CILT Tema is regarded as one of the most active components of CILT in Ghana. He then proceeded with outlining the upcoming year's events for CILT-Tema:

Floor was later open for members' contributions and concerns, before being brougt to a close by 7:30pm